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Camp HBC was established in 2019 by Hespeler Baptist Church as a day camp run to provide campers with exceptional activities, opportunities for deep friendships, and a clear presentation of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Our staff and volunteers are committed to providing your child with an incredible camp experience for an incredibly reasonable price!

Our camps run for two separate age groups: Our Grade 4-8 camps (Gameshow Mania and Basketball Camp) and Grade 1-6 camps (Creativity and Gallimaufry Camp). We are committed to age-appropriate activities, exciting trips and engaging Bible lessons!

Above all, Camp HBC exists to demonstrate the transforming work of the gospel through all aspects of camp! Although camp activities and games are some of the best parts of camp, we believe there is something much more important for our lives. In reality, we can all live without games (no matter how fun they are!), but none of us can live without the gospel! We strive to present the gospel, live in a manner worthy of the gospel, and serve our campers and families for the sake of the gospel.

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