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Camp Promise Barrie is a CRA registered, non -profit, Christian faith based ministry that operates year round in the city of Barrie, Ontario Canada.  As an urban, inner city camp for children and youth living at risk for many different reasons, we are a relational place of support and inclusion for those marginalized by generational poverty and its far reaching affects. We offer low to no cost opportunities for children ages 4 to 14 to be involved in fun, adventure and learning in a faith based setting with trained, caring, local, national and international staff.  Camp Promise offers a leadership development model, desiring to see children in camp grow up to become leaders for the next generation of children in their own community.  One year internships are available in the leadership pathway for national and international students 18 to 25, as well as University, College and High School co op placements.  High school students are an important focus also, with some past and current students earning scholarships and awards for their volunteer service hours.

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