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Grace Family Church Youth Leader / Worker / helper / Pastor – Job Expectations & Responsibilities

Youth Minister: Duties and Responsibilities

Grace Family Church is a congregation which desires to see the name of Christ high and lifted up. We look to His Word for our direction, our answers and our purpose. We believe the Holy Spirit is looking to save and sanctify all who are willing. We are not legalistic but hold the Truth of God tightly and let go of the things that don’t really matter. We realize that although God never changes, the way in which people worship Him does.

Basic elements of a Youth Program would be:

 Spiritual Formation: To actively engage our youth, helping them to find meaning, identity and purpose in what God is doing in this world through Jesus. To disciple youth and help them to grow in their Christian Faith.

Community: To provide a community of belonging and safety for youth to explore who they are and who they want to become by introducing them to who God is, what Jesus is about, and how following him can lead to alive full of purpose, meaning and passion. To joyously and enthusiastically attract youth from the surrounding community.

Service: To provide youth with opportunities to live out their faith, and are challenged to respond to God’s call to serve others. To foster growth by providing opportunities for youth to take leadership and planning roles.

How to accomplish these elements

  1. Pray for the youth.
  2. Encourage the Youth to read their Bibles and pray more.
  3. Development and oversight of weekly youth ministry:


  1. Present God's word faithfully and effectively to the youth – including preaching, teaching, mentoring, leading Bible studies and discipleship/leadership development.
  2. Plan, direct, oversee and execute weekly youth group program every Friday.
  3. Plan, direct and oversee weekly youth worship every Friday with the worship leader.
  4. Plan, direct, oversee and execute weekly youth group program every Sunday.
  5. Plan, direct, oversee and execute weekly youth group program every Tuesday and Thursday during summer months of July and August.
  6. Plan, direct and oversee bi-weekly youth worship practice every 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month, with the worship leader.
  7. Maintain accurate records of participants including contact information and attendance. Circulate names of absent youth amongst youth leaders so that they can follow-up with youth.
  8. Send out a weekly newsletter.
  9. Develop teaching themes for ROC and BASIC at least one month in advance.
  10. Develop detailed weekly lesson programs to be shared with youth leaders. Lessons to be submitted to youth leaders no later than Tuesday evening of each week.
  11. Youth leaders to fill and submit lesson feedback summary page to Ryan.
  12. Ryan to debrief with youth leaders (during the week) about the Friday meetings.
  13. Inform youth of events via email, Facebook, posters, group/congregational announcements.
  14. Advertise monthly events and develop a yearly plan.
  15. Planning and implementation of two retreats: March Break and Summer Camp; as well as Church May Retreat Weekend.


  1. Development of volunteer leaders:


  1. Invite, recruit, train, develop, and empower volunteers to minister to the youth.
  2. Ensure youth leaders and volunteers are in compliance with the church policies developed for the safety and security of youth.
  3. Maintaining records of activities, statistical information, volunteer applications, and police record checks.
  4. Develop a communal ministry vision and strategies that are in line with the vision, core values of GFC.
  5. As a youth leadership team, contribute to finding ways to restructure the shape of preteen and youth ministry to bridge the gap between ministries and create a more natural transition from preteens to youth and beyond.
  6. The continued development and mentoring of a youth leadership team, including regular meetings, discipleship and opportunities to lead elements of Friday night programming.
  7. Meet with volunteer leadership on a regular basis; suggest to meet with team twice a month (one Friday after service and one Saturday morning).
  8. Provide appropriate curriculum and training for youth small group ministry.
  9. Grow the existing mentoring project and continue to recruit adults from within the church

congregation to serve as mentors/supports; assisting mentors to engage with students one-on-one with a listening heart.


  1. Develop and maintain authentic, Christ-centered relationships with the youth


  1. Build relationships with the group and individuals via email, Facebook and face-to-face.
  2. Plan and hold a monthly social and/or social outreach event to engage and involve youth church members with a focus on fun (games, movies, sleepover etc.) – one for ROC ( JH)and one for BASIC ( HS ) .
  3. Build relationships with youth that would lead toward spiritual formation and growth.
  4. Allow for one-to-one meeting with youth two evenings a week. (Youth leaders to accompany (the youth Leader) to develop relationship with youth, so that youth helpers can take over more regular meetings with youth on a bi-weekly basis).
  5. To help the youth of GFC discover their spiritual gifts, identity, and purpose through Jesus Christ.
  6. Mentor, equip and affirm youth for leadership roles as they grow in the knowledge and practice of their faith.
  7. Be available to youth if and when possible (i.e. lunch at school, attendance at extracurricular activities, visitation, times of crisis, etc.) to provide general support and spiritual direction.
  8. Develop a care ministry for the youth. Meet the youth where they are, particularly focusing on the youth group students who are in the margins.
  9. Confirm which youth have surrendered their lives to Jesus and accepted Him as God and Saviour.


  1. Partnership with parents / guardians.


  1. Equip and support parents (as the primary influence) to disciple their youth. Connect families of youth to grow together. Encourage parenting in the context of a faith community.
  2. Connect frequently with parents keeping them informed of ongoing activities, updated on ministry

strategies and plans in a way that encourages partnership and involvement.

Grace Family Church Youth Pastor Ryan – Job Expectations & Responsibilities


  1. Provide a monthly ministry report to elders. Attend quarterly elders meetings.


  1. Integration of our youth in the life of our church: GFC looks to become a multi-generational church. One that honours our culture but looks to the future.


  1. Building inter-generational relationships between youth and others at Church.
  2. To intentionally connect youth with other generations in our church body (i.e. Build an appreciationfor the ‘Church Family’).
  3. Encouraging youth to creatively serve our church and surrounding community.
  4. Engage in other aspects of GFC’s mission and vision, encouraging youth to offer their skills and gifts to the overall ministry of the church.
  5. Advocate for youth and educate the congregation about the hopes, concerns and needs of youth in the local church and community


  1. Develop and maintain an annual budget for Youth Ministry and Youth events.
  2. Oversee Youth fundraising efforts.
  3. Think of and apply new ways of practicing youth ministry.


  1. Outreach into nearby communities and high schools.

We genuinely want to reach West GTA with the only gospel that saves. Intentional connections to uncharted youth in our surrounding community. To partner with other local ministries and churches that focus on the discipleship of youth/ teens (especially within the Alliance Church).


  1. Offer spiritual care and support to youth and their families as they deal with unique challenges and difficulties.


  1. Mission trips.


  1. Preach ten (10) Sundays a year.

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