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The Hope Project Foundation is a Canadian charity that serves at-risk homeless or near homeless women in the CBRM by providing transitional housing, recovery/ aftercare programs, and employment initiatives.

Hope Project was established in 2017. The organization employs 4 full-time and 5 part-time staff. It is governed by a volunteer board of directors.  All of our operating expenses are met through community fundraisers and the generosity of our donors. We do not receive regular government funding. We currently have over 300 individuals and businesses in CBRM area that support our program through giving.

We are a trauma informed recovery program for women. Our mission is to provide supports and opportunities including employment to women who desire to be substance use free. We are committed to assisting women in restoring health, faith, well-being, and hope for their lives. We believe they can be leaders to break the cycle of poverty and addiction in their communities.

Our charity consists of two missions that work in tandem to create health-focused programs for women in trauma and addiction recovery: The Hope House (a live-in recovery home) and Covered by Hope (an artisan/ farming social enterprise initiative)

Hope House is an 8-bed transitional housing space with a trauma-informed recovery program for women. All of our residents are at risk of homelessness or have been homeless. We offer an aftercare program including individual counseling and bimonthly group sessions..

Covered by Hope was created in 2019 to provide skill development and employment opportunities for graduates of our program. . We are a story telling company to inspire hope, advocate for women issues, decrease sigma, and develop connection with community.

We believe this is a lifesaving opportunity for women in Cape Breton - breaking the cycle of oppression and giving hope to families. Together we will watch the landscape of addiction and hopelessness shift in Cape Breton!

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