Company Location Raja Ampat, West Papua, Indonesia, Indonesia
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Manager Position at Kayak4Conservation

We are looking for a self-motivated person to co-manage with another worker Kayak4Conservation. Candidates need to have a love for people and the outdoors, knowledgeable in sea kayaking and be physically fit. He/she should have good communication skills, be proficient in Microsoft Office, Word and Excel, and be willing to learn a new language (Indonesian).

Current Responsibilities:


  • Guest Relations before, during and after kayak trips (briefing, debriefing, Q&A time about conservation initiatives in Raja Ampat).
  • Logistic coordination for arrival and departure of guests.
  • Kayak equipment preparation (order new gear when needed) and maintenance.
  • Lead kayak trips when needed.
  • Community relations both with guides and owners of the guesthouses for trips and training. (Training: Physical skills in rescue techniques for guides, hospitality and necessities at guesthouses, English training and environmental awareness)
  • Manage a short team of guides and a cook.
  • Make sure the guesthouses and the restaurant service are according to the K4C standards.
  • Maintain an office and a small shop.


  • Maintain daily reservations and booking system.
  • Issue of Invoices, tracking of payment and bookkeeping (income and expense overviews).
  • Take care of orders and be responsible for an inventory.
  • Help to write financial reports.
  • Indemnity records, client demographics (age and nationality)
  • Marketing online and occasionally host photographers or storywriters.


Our company offers a full-time contract starting with one year (3-month probation period) contract, a generous holiday’s package and full board accommodation in a beautiful island in Raja Ampat, West Papua, Indonesia. Send your CV, Photo, and Motivation Letter to The due date is on the 30th June 2018.



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