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Master's is an innovative K-12 school with a vision of going beyond academic excellence, the goal is to prepare students for the 21st century by equipping them to be seers, designers and creators of the future. Master's has gained international attention for its efforts to move education from the Industrial Age into the 21st century. Master's Academy includes Kindergarten through to grade 6 and Master's College includes the junior and senior high school grades from 7 to 12.

Being competent with technology is an essential skill for the 21st century. Master's one-to-one computing enables rich learning experiences to occur by providing students with the necessary tools to be researchers, designers and creators of the future.

Master's philosophy of Christian Education is to integrate the Christian worldview into the curriculum on a daily basis, and as such does not take the approach of having separate classes for religious education. Master's has an open admission policy, which means that a family does not have to have a particular religious affiliation, but all families entering Master's must accept that we will teach from a Christian worldview.

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