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Church Mailing Address: 5100 New St.

City: Burlington           Province / State: ON  PC / Zip: L7L 1V1

Country: Canada

Church Phone: 905 637-0028

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Person to be contacted: Gerry Willard

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Deadline for submissions – May 31, 2016


General Church Information  

Current (Average) Attendance:          Adults 150                   Youth 15
Children 25      Nursery/Infants 15


Approximate size of your community / city: 187,500


Church strengths – in terms of ministry strengths, list those things your church does well:

Welcoming Church:

Pineland Baptist Church is well established and respected in the city of Burlington and is often described by members and visitors alike, as a ‘Welcoming’ church.  Ushers and Greeters interact with everyone entering its doors.  They provide assistance in directing attendees to a pew, providing equipment for the hearing impaired, assisting those with mobility issues, or answering general questions.




Pastoral Care and Spiritual growth:

PBC is committed to;

  • Christ’s command, to share His Gospel with the unsaved.
  • calling sinners to repentance.
  • encouraging the Spiritual growth of the church body.

To that end, PBC has a committed body of doctrinally sound believers that aims to share the gospel of Christ and gifted and dedicated Pastors, who provide spiritual Pastoral care.  So although PBC is relatively small numerically, we maintain three Pastoral staff positions, so that the Spiritual growth of the church body gets the place of prominence.  We currently have an Interim Lead Pastor, one Full Time Associate and one Part Time Associate Pastor.



PBC has a wide range of ministries that provide every individual opportunities for involvement and growth in their Christian life.  This includes such activities as; Sunday worship service; junior church programs on Sundays; youth/kids programs mid-week; local outreach and programs like VBS; men’s and women’s Bible studies  ministry of support responsibilities; global missions; etc.



There is an abiding sense of inclusiveness within the church which is evident in the way that members and adherents care for each other.  As an example, for the sick or needy, there is always an outpouring of help, including prayer, visits, meals, phone calls, car rides to medical appointments and the like.



PBC’s Mission Statement

Prostrate:    Each one under One              Colossians 1:18

Building:      Each one helping one             Ephesians 4:11-12

Calling:        Each one reaching one           II Corinthians 5:20


Ethnic Diversity:

That we are called to ’Spread the Gospel to the world’, is evident in the ethnic diversity of PBC.  On any given day, the faces in the pews, represent the ethnic diversity of Burlington.



PBC commits a large portion of its talent and financial resources to reaching the lost, and sharing God’s message of Salvation through Christ.  As a measure of the importance placed on outreach, PBC has two Ministry teams, focused on Local Outreach, and Global Outreach respectively.  We are currently assisting with the support of 5 Global missionary families.



Church needs – in terms of areas needing special focus and attention, list those things your church would like to focus:

PBC needs;

  • more consistent prayer among the membership
  • greater congregational participation in local outreach efforts
  • development of leadership in worship ministry
  • see more people come to faith
  • a stronger discipleship focus.



Size of congregation -  Membership - 170


The Position Seeking to Fill

X Senior Minister                                 Associate Minister

Youth Minister                                 Worship Minister


Is the position Full Time X or Part Time


In terms of the ideal candidate to fill your position, please complete the following:

Possesses a bachelor’s or higher degree from an institution recognized by the Board of Elders at Pineland Baptist Church and North American Baptist Conference for its Biblical teaching and its stance on social issues as taught by the Word of God.

Preferred major – Biblical Studies, or Pastoral Studies or an equivalent.

Previous pastoral experience required.



Things Your Pastor Candidate Should Know Before Accepting a Call
If there are any special conditions or situations that exist within your church, that in fairness to a future pastor he should know, please describe them here:

PBC currently has an Interim Lead Pastor one full-time associate and one part-time associate pastor.  Our last lead pastor was with us for 15 years and left on good terms.


PBC’s population has a high percentage of middle age to senior, however, in recent years God has blessed us with several new young families.  This reality affects the ongoing needs and programs the Church provides.  As a practical example, PBC must now place greater emphasis on identifying, encouraging, and growing leaders for the near and long term.  Another example is the urgency for PBC to continue improving its facilities in terms of mobility and other matters that are unique to an aging population.




When the new Pastor arrives:

The new Lead Pastor will prayerfully and carefully discern and implement changes, in concert with the Elders’ Board, that will promote growth to benefit the congregation and God’s work in this area of Burlington.


Another obvious and important matter is the relationship amongst the Pastoral staff.  When a new Lead Pastor arrives, there obviously must be a period of adjustment between him and the Associate Pastors.


Job Description

Please use the space below to write a one paragraph job description for any potential candidates.

The Senior Pastor of Pineland Baptist Church will fulfill the following duties in partnership with, and being responsible to, the Board of Elders. In addition to following the directives below, he shall maintain a Godly lifestyle, setting an example in all things both in faith and in life (1 Timothy 4:11-16). He shall lead his family diligently, seeking to first shepherd them spiritually before shepherding the church family. He shall guard his heart, continuing to read, study, and obey the Scriptures as he grows in his understanding of them, and he shall teach and defend Biblical doctrine consistently. He shall continue to develop as a man of prayer.


Preaching and Teaching

  • Be the primary preacher in Sunday services giving due time, thought, prayer, and study to the Word of God in preparation for the messages
  • Schedule service themes throughout the year working with the Music Director to shape the services
  • Schedule other Pastoral staff for occasional preaching and guest preachers as required
  • Oversee the teaching of God’s Word in the church programs and studies, participating as appropriate, with the various study groups, classes, and age groups


  • Oversee the ministry of the Pastoral staff of Pineland Baptist Church, meeting with them regularly for calendar co-ordination, planning of services and church events, assignments and accountability
  • Oversee the office staff
  • Work with the Pastors and Elders in the oversight of the church ministries
  • Oversee the recruitment and training of future leaders
  • Give leadership in the search for and hiring of additional staff as required
  • Give oversight to the ordinances of baptism and communion services

Spiritual Care

  • Oversee and participate in the visitation of the church members, visitors to the church services, the sick, the shut-ins, and others in the community as opportunities arise
  • Pray for the church family and ministries, as well as those we are trying to reach
  • Lead the church family in times of prayer and in teaching them the priority and practice of prayer
  • Provide or refer spiritual counsel to those in need of direction and assistance
  • Provide support for the grieving including the leading of funeral services and ministries
  • Provide marriage preparation and wedding services for church members and others in keeping with our stated policies


Other Duties

  • Support and participate in the ministries of our North American Baptist Conference and its Eastern Association
  • Involve the church family in these NAB and EA ministries whenever possible and practical
  • Participate in (and involve the church family in) the ministry of the Burlington Pastors Network as deemed appropriate
  • Continue to engage in personal growth in both spiritual and professional development
  • Undertake other duties that arise in co-operation with the Board of Elders
  • Be sure that the general direction and tone of our ministry is in keeping with our stated purpose and goals and set the ministry direction with the Elders and other Pastors on staff, while protecting the purity of the church both in its teaching and in the lifestyle of its members


Current job openings at Pineland Baptist Church

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