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The mission is simple:

Know, Love, Serve.

Anyone can do three steps. Each of these steps are meant to take you to the next level of faith, whether you are starting out or a mature Christian. Everything we teach and live comes from the bible. We believe that the Bible is our only blueprint for living. In all things we seek and desire to follow the teachings of the New Testament concerning the church. That is why we say, "Where the Bible speaks, we speak; where the Bible is silent, we are silent." We accept the Bible as the only inspired Word of God.

Selkirk Christian Chapel is an independent non-denominational church. We are part of a large fellowship of Christian Churches throughout Canada, North America and the world. Our churches seek to restore the Lord's church, as it is revealed in the pages of Scripture, without man-made traditions and creeds.
Our message is pretty easy to remember:  “Jesus is the Son of the living God.”  Our church absolutely belongs to Him and we take our direction from the Bible as it is written. Everything we do is meant to bring glory to God, so that people will know Him just like we know Him.
Everything we believe about God comes from the Bible.  Whether you have never read the scriptures before, or are a long time believer, we have a place for you here.  We desire to know God, through Christ, and experience the power of His Spirit in our lives. 


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