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Sigma Tau Partners is a distinguished trading consultant firm that propels forward-thinking trading strategies into successful market actions. With a focus on precision, adaptability, and integrity, we are reshaping how execution traders operate and contribute to the financial landscape for the purposes of wealth distribution

Our goal is to offer work opportunities to individuals with a disciplined and teachable nature. We assess their skills through interviews, matching them with the requirements of our retail trading fund. If they meet the criteria, we dedicate ourselves to helping them succeed in trading our Futures Market strategies. We share a percentage of the fund's earnings as commission and collaborate on donating a fixed portion of profits to charitable organizations dedicated to noble causes.

Engaging in a role as an Execution Trader within our retail trading fund allows individuals to harness their potential and witness the tangible impact of their expertise and decisions on the market. This experience not only contributes to the success of the fund but also bolsters personal and professional growth. By being entrusted with significant responsibilities, individuals see a direct correlation between their actions and the fund's performance, fostering a deep sense of accomplishment and belonging. Additionally, our unique approach of sharing a percentage of the fund's earnings as commission and committing to charitable causes further enriches the sense of purpose and satisfaction, enhancing one's esteem and reinforcing the value of their contribution to broader societal goals.

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