Associate Pastor

at Victory Baptist Church (view profile)
Location Port Coquitlam, Canada
Date Posted August 7, 2020
Category Pastor
Job Type Full-time


This is a permanent, full-time position.

The title of associate pastor is chosen rather than assistant pastor to reflect the status and complementary role of the position. With regards to status, this implies that the position is equal to that of any other pastor. It is not a junior position, but one that requires all the qualifications and includes all the roles of the position of pastor. While there may be a distinction with the title of senior pastor, this difference reflects more of the senior pastor being a first among equals by virtue of his tenure, experience, and standing with the congregation. With regard to a complementary role, this reflects the reality that different men have differing abilities. All pastors must be qualified as reflected in the Scriptures (I Timothy 3, Titus 1); however, it is recognized that differing roles will be adopted and ministry chosen based upon such things as gifts, personality, and desires. For this reason, the position of associate pastor will be fitted to the individual, and in most cases, the individual will be chosen based on their ability to fill the desired role.

The current position of associate pastor seeks a person who is skilled in interpersonal relationship. They will be known as friendly and outgoing. They would be described as showing keen, personal interest in the welfare of others and as an encourager. The other key trait they will demonstrate is the ability to organize and energize others for ministry. This will permit them to achieve their primary role of determining new ministries that would edify the church and promote evangelism. Included in this role will be the visitation of those who are “first time visitors” as well as those who are attending regularly, with the goal of seeing these people make the next step necessary toward membership. He will also be expected to be the speaker in at least one major preaching/teaching role per week (Adult Sunday School, morning or evening church service).

Basic Job Description

  1. Assist the senior pastor in fulfilling his role as the primary spiritual leader, vision caster, pastor, and teacher of the church.
  2. Assist the senior pastor with projects as requested.
  3. Participate in leading the church services as required.
  4. Monitor the church ministries and alert the senior pastor of any areas of concern.
  5. Assist in developing, organizing and giving leadership to the ministries within the church as directed.
  6. Develop educating and training materials as agreed upon with senior pastor.
  7. In conjunction with the Pastoral Staff, conduct visitations to prospective members, hospitals, and shut-ins on behalf of the church when requested.

8. Assist the Pastor with worship and pastoral care concerns to include assisting in funerals and weddings as requested.

  1. Assist in scheduling and coordinating events.
  2. Provide counselling and referral to those in need.


This is a full-time position; however, there will not be a strict accounting of hours, nor specific office hours detailed. It is expected that forty (40) hours a week will be invested in the ministry. It is also understood that the individual is “on call” at all times should the needs of the ministry require his presence.

The yearly salary will be $55,000.00, plus benefits. Review of salary needs will be conducted yearly. All required taxes will be taken out of your pay and remitted to Revenue Canada. The church will also be paying their required portion of EI and CPP per Revenue Canada requirements, as well as providing Workers’ Compensation Insurance through WorkSafeBC. Included in the yearly salary is provision for providing accommodation for you and your family. You will also be eligible for two weeks paid vacation each year. Medical insurance is provided provincially, however, there may be a period of time before eligibility, in which case, private coverage will be provided by us with a reputable company.

We also will provide in entirety for the costs of relocation for you and your family.