Associate Pastor

at Newcastle Fellowship Baptist Church (view profile)
Location Newcastle, 200 King Ave. East, Canada
Date Posted August 3, 2023
Category Pastor
Job Type Full-time


All resumes and responses are to be forwarded to:
Newcastle Fellowship Baptist Church
200 King Ave. East, Newcastle Ontario
L1B 1H5
Attn: Mr. Bruce Kovack

Electronic responses can be sent to:

To be considered, all resumes must be received at NFBC by: 29 September 2023

Please feel free to contact Bruce Kovack with any questions or for more information. The church's doctrinal statement is available upon request.

Job Description: Associate Pastor

Position Summary:
The Associate Pastor will assume the pastoral oversight of the Youth, Young Adults, and Small Group Ministries. He will be actively involved in the spiritual oversight and leadership of the church alongside the current pastoral and eldership team.

Ministry Responsibilities and Expectations
The Associate Pastor will:

I. Have a calling, the passion and desire, coupled with the knowledge, skills, and abilities, to be able to effectively lead the people of God.

II. Display a growing relationship with Jesus Christ, being more and more conformed into His image, by the grace of God, through the work of the Holy Spirit in his heart, informed, regulated and empowered by the principles and promises of God’s Word, and the glories of the gospel, displaying an increased obedience to God’s revealed moral will in his life.

III. Seek to uphold and live by the qualifications of the office of Elder as outlined in Scripture and the NFBC Constitution, providing a consistent role model for all those under his care, and the Body of Christ at large.

IV. Set a godly example by attendance at, and participation in, the regular worship and prayer meetings of the church.

V. Have the opportunity to be involved in the periodic ministry of preaching the Word of God during Sunday services, preaching approximately 8-12 times per year.

VI. Be involved in the spiritual encouragement and nurturing of the saints. This may include, but is not limited to, providing leadership, and shepherding to various ministries, including the senior’s, men’s, and woman’s groups.

VII. Along with the Elders as a whole, be responsible to ensure that all music chosen, and all lyrics sung, are God-exalting, Christ-centered, Bible-based, Cross-focused, theologically rich, & gospel-fuelled worship that informs the mind, and transforms the heart. The music sung at NFBC must meet the approval of the elders.

VIII. Seek to foster a godly environment of love and trust.

IX. Be a member of the Pastoral Staff and will be responsible to the Senior Pastor.

X. Attend staff meetings as required.

XI. Be a member of the Board of Overseers and shall attend all meetings and fulfill any duties and responsibilities as may be required.

XII. Be responsible to maintain a continuing program of personal ministry development and training in consultation with the Senior Pastor and Elders.

XIII. Be responsible to encourage all leaders under his spiritual oversight and ensure that all ministries under his oversight are functioning well and prospering spiritually.

XIV. The Associate Pastor, and his wife, will be considered members at NFBC for the duration of his ministry.

The above responsibilities and expectations are not to be considered an “exhaustive list.” The Associate Pastor may be required to complete other duties in the interest of the on-going ministry of Newcastle Fellowship Baptist Church.

Specific Ministry Focus and Responsibilities:

Youth and Young Adults Ministries
The Associate Pastor will:

I. Be responsible to provide pastoral care to all NFBC youth and young adults, regardless of their involvement in the Church’s ministries, and activities.

II. Along with any pre-existing leadership team, provide oversight to the development, and implementation, of programs focused on discipleship, and spiritual growth.

III. Train and equip the youth and young adults to impact their communities with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

IV. Oversee and co-ordinate opportunities to impact the community at large through evangelism, and practical ministry.

V. Oversee and co-ordinate the recruitment, and on-going training of a leadership team, and he will maintain on-going communication with that leadership team.

VI. Oversee, co-ordinate, and participate in, regular weekly meetings for the young adults, working in close unity with the pre-existing youth / young adults leadership team.

VII. Maintain personal involvement with the Small Group Ministries, and he will promote involvement in that ministry within the youth and young adults.

Small Group Ministries
The Associate Pastor will:

I. Have the direct oversight of the NFBC Small Group Ministries.

II. Seek, and train, qualified men to lead the Small Group Ministry study groups.

III. Provide the materials that will be used in the Small Group Ministry study groups and will make sure to keep in touch with all Small Group Ministry leaders on a regular basis.

IV. Provide Pastoral care to all Small Group Ministry leaders, and provide direction and counsel when, and where, required.

NFBC Application Process

I. NFBC Search Committee will seek resumes from potential candidates.

All candidate responses are to include the following:
1. Resume

2. Cover Letter
i. Please include:
a. Testimony
b. Explanation of your Calling

3. At least four references that include:
i. Two Personal References
ii. Two Ministry Related References

II. Resume review and selection of preferred candidates by NFBC Pastoral Committee.

III. Preferred Candidates will be contacted and requested to briefly answer a series of personal and doctrinal questions in writing and to submit their responses to the committee in preparation for an interview.

IV. Preferred candidates will be contacted and interviewed.

V. Reference checks and background checks of candidates will occur throughout and may start as early as “Step II”.

VI. Selected candidate will be asked to “Preach for a Call”. This will include:
1. A sermon provided by the candidate @ NFBC.
2. The candidate’s testimony
3. A Question-and-Answer period with the congregation