School Principal

at Grand River Christian School (view profile)
Location 160, Kitchener, Canada
Date Posted March 31, 2022
Category Other
Job Type Full-time


Grand River Christian School (GRCS) is a new K-8 private school based in Kitchener, Ontario. The school is in the process of being validated by the Ontario Ministry of Education as we prepare to launch our first year of operations for the 2022 to 2023 school year. We are excited to announce that we are seeking a Principal.

The Principal provides a unique leadership service to the GRCS board, teaching staff and community and is required to embody the vision, mission and values of the school while being a good steward of its resources.

As 2022-2023 is the first year of operations of GRCS, the Principal will serve an instrumental role in building the long-term foundation for the school and has the opportunity to shape and develop the school operating model and all respective work streams. In sum the Principal serves to lead the operations of the school as well as protect and promote its reputation in the supporting community and beyond.

The job description below offers a general overview of the persons, tasks, and resources for which the Principal is responsible.

The Principal answers directly to the Grand River Christian School board. The administration and teaching staff are under the direction of the Principal. The Principal will work in collaboration with the board, the supporting committees, and their administrative team to ensure the school operates optimally.

School Vision
GRCS exists to engage students in a Christian learning journey focused on nurturing character reflective of God-exalting worship, biblical values, service and high academic standards.

School Mission
Working in partnership with the home and the local church, GRCS is devoted to developing Christlike, well rounded individuals in a rich and engaging Christian environment for their pursuit of academic excellence, personal growth, spiritual and social responsibilities.

School Values
At GRCS we place high value on:
1. Faith: our faith in God is our foundation and the Bible as God’s Word guides everything we do.
2. Education: our school is focused on fostering learning with academic excellence to equip our students for a life of faith and service.
3. Living: our school environment and individual behavior is tailored by a Biblical Standard of Conduct.
4. Teaching: our school is led by professional teachers and staff, all devoted to a personal relationship with Christ.

Please email your resume and cover letter to the GRCS Board of Directors Chair, Oni Prisecaru at