is a resource provided by Heritage College & Seminary in Cambridge, Ontario which is affiliated with The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada and The Fellowship of Evangelical Baptist Churches in Canada, among other like-minded churches, parachurch ministries and organizations. supports like-minded ministries fulfill their staffing requirements across Canada.

Hiring ministries and workplaces are expected to support the mission, vision and Christian values of Heritage College and Seminary, and any job postings not in line with these will be subject to removal.

Heritage College & Seminary exists to glorify God by partnering with churches in providing a biblically based education equipping men and women for life and ministry in the church and in the world. Heritage College & Seminary is affiliated with The Fellowship of Evangelical Baptist Churches in Canada (Central Region), whose churches we serve along with as well as other like-minded evangelical churches, organizations, and denominations. We exist to serve our constituent churches by training men and women to serve in these churches as vocational ministers or volunteers. We add value to students by preparing them for serving in our affiliated churches. Heritage’s Doctrinal Statement is well-rooted in the tradition and history of protestant evangelicalism often found in the Affirmation of Faith and Policy Statement on Marriage and Human Sexuality of ‘The Fellowship of Evangelical Baptist Churches in Canada’, and other like-minded denominations.

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