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Currently our average attendance is approximately 150. The overwhelming majority of the congregation lives within a 20-minute drive of the church facility and resides in or directly adjacent to the town of Oakbank. Some drive 30 or more minutes and are acreage holders while only a small number derive their livelihood directly from agriculture. The fact that Oakbank is a bedroom community for Winnipeg is reflected in a suburban type of ministry. Strong family values, evidenced by a high percentage of married households characterize the community at large, and the church fellowship.

The community of Oakbank has experienced a lot of growth in the last five to ten years. Two major residential developments have been added and the number of community members has increased drastically. In the last five years we have also seen growth not only in residential areas but also in our local businesses as well. A Co-Op grocery store, hardware store and gas bar, as well as a banking institution and a Tim Horton’s have been added to our community. In comparison, our church has also had growth in the last couple of year. However, not on the same scale as our community growth.

The church family make-up according to national and ethnic background in order of percentage is composed of German, Dutch, English, Polish and Ukrainian. The church families enjoy the same economic advantages as the general population of the greater Springfield area and in near identical proportions. A high home ownership ratio is characteristic of OBC. Occupationally, OBC’s members are working individuals, representing both the female and male population of our church.

Oakbank is considered to be a middle to upper class community where families can enjoy a wholesome living environment in which to raise their families or spend their retirement years. The overwhelming percentage of Oakbank population is composed of those who have relocated over the last 25 years. A great number of these have done so in order to escape such big-city problems such as taxes, crime and traffic.

The ministry area of the church is much larger than the immediate town; ministry potential and effectiveness must take into account a population of 15,000 rather than 5,000 living in the town of Oakbank. As the community grows the church also has the potential for growth.

About 1/3 of the church population are under the age of 19. This is also realized in the community. An Elementary School (K-5), Middle School (6-8), and High School (9-12), are located in Oakbank with a total of nearly 2000 students in the facilities each day. OBC attempts to reach these kids through a weekly Awana program and active youth ministry.

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