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YES Kids Christian Childcare believes in offering an exceptional program where we strive to meet the needs of the whole child, mind, body, heart, and soul.  We model holistic health and wellness through the nutritious foods served, group fitness classes, connecting with the indoor and outdoor environment, and loving others all while recognizing God as the creator of all things.  We see the importance in meeting the needs of work, rest, and play, in both group and individual settings throughout the day. We believe each child to be competent, capable, curious and rich in potential. To foster exploration, play and inquiry, creativity and to be active, the children are encouraged to ask questions, take time to wonder about created things, and to be challenged to try new things.  A quality program is much more than what the children play with but how they play, think, feel, interact, discover and process new information.  Our team learns about the children and how they interact and communicate with others, the environment, and help them with their ability to self-regulate through observation and documentation.

Documentation is a key tool to encourage interaction, and communication between the YES Kids team, the children, their families, and it opens up opportunities to engage in meaningful, extended conversation at home.  We welcome families to share their discoveries from home so that our team can integrate these ideas into the child’s day where possible. We understand the important role the family plays in a child’s life and look for ways to support them where possible.  It is our desire for every child to go home each day feeling that they were loved, accepted, valued, seen and heard. We believe each person is uniquely created by God with a plan and purpose and we welcome and celebrate each child’s diversity with gladness.

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