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Date Posted March 19, 2024
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Position: Executive Director 

Date: February 5, 2024

The Executive Director will be a visionary, innovative, experienced Christian school leader who will serve member schools primarily by challenging schools and school leaders to higher levels of spiritual and academic excellence while providing ongoing school improvement opportunities through various initiatives which will include professional development.


The Association of Christian Schools International - Eastern Canada is a professional organization that supports Christian schools from Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, and Newfoundland. Our schools are located in both urban and rural areas, and serve approximately 7,000 students.

Our Vision

ACSIEC seeks to raise the sights of Christian schools in Eastern Canada in order to educate, equip, and empower students with excellence, while dynamically asserting a vibrant and life-giving Christian worldview.

Our Missional Pillars

  • Assist Christian schools of all sizes and types to grow, develop, and flourish.
  • Provide best-practise support, coaching and strategies that always add value.
  • Develop and sustain a growth mindset in Christian schools.
  • Glorify Jesus Christ through Christian education.

Position Description

The Executive Director position of ACSIEC is responsible for the strategic leadership of the entire organization, working with the Board of Directors. The position requires mutli-tasking to provide for the development and growth implementation of approximately 60 schools in Eastern Canada. The fast-paced, challenging, and ever-changing landscape of Christian education requires focus, creativity and a passion for Christian education, as well as a desire to walk beside schools towards growth and development.

The Executive Director is no small task and it requires a person with many qualities and skills to be successful in this position. The Executive Director of ACSIEC must pursue the mission to strengthen all member schools and help to equip Christian educators as they prepare students academically and inspire them.

Thank you for exploring the possibility of submitting your name as a candidate for the position of Executive Director of ACSIEC. The Search Committee will hold the application of all candidates in full confidentiality.

Position Qualifications

Education - Bachelor’s degree in Educational Leadership or related field, Masters degree not required but encouraged. Ancillary qualifications are an asset (i.e.: experience as a Principal or Christian School Principal Certification).

Experience - Minimum of 10 years of proven successful Christian school leadership in a Canadian environment is preferred.

Attributes - Committed Christian; Love of Christian education; Integrity-driven; Conscientious; Relationship-driven; Creative; Entrepreneurial; Organized; Motivational; Team-oriented; Excellent communicator; Active listener; Emotionally intelligent.

Position Responsibilities

Leadership & Vision - Provide visionary strategic direction and guidance to the association, ensuring alignment with the mission and values of Christian education. Oversee, develop, and train a small support staff.

Administration - Oversee the day-to-day operations of the association, including member school issues, financial issues, and human resources.

Advocacy - Serve as a spokesperson and advocate for Christian education, promoting its importance and benefits to various stakeholders including government officials, churches, Christian parachurch organizations, parents, and the general community.

Member School Relations - Foster strong relationships with member schools, providing support and resources to enhance their educational programs and operations. Ensure that value is added to their operations, governance, and development.

Professional Development - Develop and implement professional development opportunities for educators and administrators within member schools, ensuring ongoing growth and improvement. Professional development opportunities may take the form of seminars, sessions, think tanks, conferences, and institutes.

Collaboration - Collaborate with other educational organizations, partner organizations, and experts in various fields to strengthen the Christian education community and beyond, and to promote collaboration and the sharing of best practices.

Compliance - Ensure that member schools adhere to relevant legal and regulatory requirements as well as accreditation standards, to maintain high-quality educational standards.

Fiduciary - Develop and implement fundraising strategies to secure financial support for the association and its programs.

Communication - Effectively communicate with the association's member school boards, leadership, teachers, and other stakeholders through regular updates, online sessions, and events.

Innovation & Mission - Continuously assess the needs and trends in Christian education and develop innovative strategies to address them, ensuring the association remains relevant and impactful.

The Executive Director is expected to serve member schools by administering the following ACSIEC services/programs in Eastern Canada (including but not limited to):

  • Develop, enact, and facilitate a strategic plan in partnership with the Board of Directors.
  • Reflect and provide a Biblically-based, Christian worldview and position for the ACSIEC
  • Christian school movement.
  • Offer effective and productive professional development to member schools as appropriate.
  • Be part of ACSIEC Board of Directors meetings two or three times annually to ensure the direction and protection of the organization.
  • Operate the full range of ACSIEC programming effectively and efficiently, focusing on meeting the needs of member schools.
  • Organize and present excellent annual conventions, seminars, conferences, and think tanks for all levels of school operations (teachers, administration, and boards).
  • Develop appropriate and engaging student activities to uplift a Christian worldview, leadership, skills development, and student engagement.
  • Generally promote Christian education and the philosophy of Christian school education throughout local cities/towns, regionally, and worldwide.
  • Speak at constituent events, school events, global events, and other related meetings, conferences or meetings when requested.
  • Provide appropriate and cutting edge guidance and counsel in the development of new schools and in the operation/strategy/trouble-shooting of existing schools.
  • Provide school improvement planning, leadership evaluations, and board guidance.
  • Coordinate appropriate legislative efforts on behalf of ACSIEC member schools.
  • Offer teacher and leadership search mechanisms for leadership and staff placements.
  • Evaluate and ensure ACSIEC staff is optimizing services and priorities.
  • Stay up to date on educational issues, political issues, operational issues, strategic issues, and events related to all of the above.
  • Develop new and up-to-date sample policies, handbooks, procedural pieces, and important issues for member schools.
  • Represent member schools with regional and provincial governments, government agencies and organizations of value-add Christian associations.
  • Manage the annual budget.
  • Negotiate and develop value-add partnerships with vendors, suppliers, and service providers for the benefit of member schools.
  • Develop and engage with member school recruitment.
  • Develop and engage in organizational fundraising to support budgets, annual projects, and future vision.
  • Develop and enhance an ACSIEC brand, website presence, communication plan, and social media presence.
  • Develop and maintain a high level of unity, optimism, and team spirit within the organization and throughout the member school network.
  • Develop and oversee policies designed to build up, grow, and enhance member schools as appropriate and on a regular basis.

Application Process

Candidates should email the following documents as PDF attachments to Willie Brownlee (Chairperson of the Search Committee) at willie.brownlee@acsiec.org:

A personal cover letter and resume that includes the name and contact information of three personal references who will be contacted on your behalf.

A personal letter of testimony that explains God’s calling on you for this position as well as a statement of Christian education philosophy.

A brief strategy statement that lists the three main components you would focus your efforts on as Executive Director if given the opportunity.

The Search Committee will hold the application of all candidates in full confidentiality.

Candidates will be selected for a set of interviews. Please note that only applicants who are selected will be contacted for interviews.

Position Compensation

Position compensation to be discussed in the interview process.

Position Opening

February 5, 2024 until filled.